Why Should You Consider an LED Dog Collar for Your Dog?


Do you go out for a walk with your dog at night time? Many dog lovers taking their pooch out for a walk in the dawn. If you’re living in Europe or USA, you know that it gets dark around 5 p.m. during the winter time. So, when you come home from work to go out for a walk with your lovely pet, it’s already dark. Well, the point is for the safety of both you and your pet, you should consider increasing the visibility at night.

It’s easy for you to do that. Just wear white or light color clothing. How about your pet? A smart option would be having an LED dog collar for your pet. Light up collars can help keep your pet safe and visible even in darkness. There are many other reasons for considering an LED collar.


 Increase the visibility to motorists

More than 50% of accidents occur at night due to the low visibility, despite 60 percent less traffic on the roads, according to National Center for Statistics and Analysis.

It would be a smart idea to have an LED light up collar on your dog to increase the visibility at night so that drivers can easily spot the dog. It can go a long way to preventing accidents.


 Avoiding trips & hazards

Lack of visibility at night can increase the risk of tripping over objects in your path. An LED dog collar is also handy for lighting up the path while you walk with your dog at night so you can clearly see the object on the road. That makes both you and your pooch safe.


 Keep track of your dog at night

The LED dog collar is fantastic for keeping track of your dog. Some people allow their dogs to run off the leash. An LED collar helps you maintain the visibility of your dog, especially when walk near the lakes, ponds, and urban roads. 


 Easier to pick up poop at night

Do you remember a day you had a hard time picking up poop at night while you were out with your dog for a walk? Trying to use the phone’s flash light (if your phone has one) to spot the poop and fumbling with a dog poop bag can be a night mare. The LED collars make enough light to give you a spare hand and it makes your life easier to pick up poops.

So, we know that the LED collars will give you optimal visibility and safety if you walk with your pooch at night times. There are many options to choose from. So, what things you should consider before buying an LED dog collar?  


A Guide for Choosing an LED Dog Collar

Before you buy an LED dog collar, there are a few things you should consider. Make sure to get some insights from this guide so you can make a sound decision on purchasing one, which will serve you and beloved pet in a long way.



 Durability and quality

There is no-brainer about this. As dogs run around, collars can be damaged easily if not made with quality materials. However, if you think expensive collars would last long, will not be the case always. There are some LED dog collars prices at mid-range that would last longer than premium ones. And also remember that spending pennies on a collar expecting to work many years without issues isn’t the case either. This LED dog collar is priced at mid-range (about $18) and has a great durability. 


 Style, color and design

You can find many designs of LED dog collars. Some collars have LED strips and others have LED lights placed in similar distance around the collar. Some collars have blinking option, which might be a useful and fun thing to have (when your pooch running around with a flashing dog collar just like a kid walking around flashing shoes on). Check these different LED collar styles and designs. Choose a design and style that you think is important to you. And also, get a color that matches your loving doggy as LED collars come in many different colors.     















This can be tricky to figure out but the LED collars we have are tested for adequate brightness. If you shop elsewhere, make sure to find out if the light has solid bright color. The customer reviews might help determining this. A dull and low quality light isn’t fun and useful. Brightness can be determined by the visibility distance too. Check if the product details mention about it. If the visibility distance is at least 300 m (328 yards/ 0.2 miles), the collar should have pretty good brightness.


 Battery life

If you do lot of night walking with the dog, long lasting battery life is preferred. You don’t need a collar, which will go off after a few walks. USB re-chargeable LED dog collars are convenient and environmental friendly. If it can last about 50 hours in one charge, that’s pretty good. This LED dog collar is one of them. However, coin battery powered ones can often hold the battery charge for a long time.     



If you live in an area where it rains or snows often, definitely consider a waterproof LED dog collar. Most of the LED collars are waterproof but aren’t 100% water resistant. Do not expect the collar not be damaged if you put the pet in a swimming pool with it. Usually, most waterproof collars will be fine in a light rain.  


 Adjusting and resizing





LED dog collars are usually adjustable by resizing the buckle or cutting the LED cord. If you need to cut the LED cord, it would not harm the collar. However, make sure to read the instructions before you do anything. Collars that are adjustable by a buckle would be a better option, especially if you have a dog that grows up quick such as German Shephard.

Hope this article helps you make a good decision. Do you think it's a smart idea to have an LED dog collar? Please share and comment on your thoughts.

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